Über das Vorher und Nachher in Diätanzeigen

Caitlin schreibt im Ellipses-Project einen lesenswerten Artikel darüber, wie sehr sich Dickenhass und Diätwerbung bedingen:

„Weight loss commercials are powerful purveyors of fat-hatred because they construct the popular image of the fat body. These media representations reinforce the view that the fat body is “other,” that it is defective, abnormal, and abject. Without hatred of the fat body, diet companies cannot profit or recruit new members. Without the condemnation of fatness, there can be no consecration of thinness; they are interdependent and one cannot exist without the other. If fatness is not repulsive or gross or indicative of moral failing then thinness, likewise, cannot become a symbol for discipline, self-control, and virtue. The “before” must be vilified, the fat body must be condemned.“