“Why I quit dieting”

Schöne Diashow mit Frauen in allen Formen, die uns erzählen, warum es viel mehr Spaß macht und dazu noch gesünder ist, auf seinen eigenen Körper zu hören anstatt auf gephotoshoppte Models.

„Not dieting is hard. In many ways it is much harder than dieting. You don’t get the high of weight loss or the reinforcement of smaller clothes and compliments. There is a constant subtle fear that it is wrong not to diet. On the other hand, not dieting brings much more stability, consistency and peace.”

„Now I no longer associate eating with guilt and punishment so I actually enjoy my food now! I no longer live and die by the number on the scale and define my self-worth by the size of my jeans. Oscar Wilde wrote, ‘To love oneself is the beginning of a lifelong romance.’ This is non-negotiable. The most liberating moment in human existence is the moment you fall in love with yourself, just as you are.”

„I still have days where loving my body is a struggle, but I am much more patient with myself. Caring for your body makes you feel good, and feeling good will gives you confidence!”

„I remembered a time when I wasn’t dieting and how joyful that was. I went bike riding to spend time with my dad, not to burn calories. I had ice cream because it was yummy and it was a family outing, not because I had ‘earned it.’ I wanted to be there again, so I quit dieting.”

„I tossed my scale. I’m heavier than my diet days but now I spend zero time being dissatisfied with the person in the mirror, compared to 100% of the time back then.”

„Dieting taught me not to trust my body and that dieting is a socially acceptable way of saying ‘I’m fat but don’t hate me, look, I’m trying to fit YOUR idea of beauty.’”