“Food is a feminist issue”

Aus Feminist Wire – ein sehr spannender Artikel über die Zusammenhänge von genussvollem Essen und Feminismus. Anscheinend ist es etwas Ungewöhnliches, wenn Frauen endlich einfach essen, ohne sich die ganze Zeit den Kopf darüber zu zerbrechen, was für eine schlimme Sache sie da gerade machen: genießen, Kalorien zu sich nehmen und dieses ganze verruchte Zeug.

„Food is problematic for many women, particularly ones who have spent much of our lives on this diet or that one. It speaks to how pervasive dieting culture is that self-help gurus like Geneen Roth (author of Women, Food, and God) and celebrities like Portia DeRossi (actress and self-identified recovering anorexic) can sell books featuring the same, apparently earth shattering, revelation—Eat whatever you want, and stop when you are full. And yet, the idea that there are no “bad foods” and no “rules” is radical because dieting is the method through which so many of us have navigated our nutritional lives.

In a certain way, USDA guidelines, be they pyramids or plates, reek of anti-feminism. In dieting culture, isn’t any kind of regulation of food decidedly un-feminist? To be sure, encouraging women to eat whatever we want, as much as we want, and whenever we want can be empowering. It has been for me.“