„Denial as virtue“

Sehr schöner Artikel auf This Ain’t Livin’, dem Blog von S. E. Smith, über die gängigen Moralvorstellungen, die sich um Essen drehen, über Schuldgefühle, eingebildete Tugenden und die extrem beknackte Idee, sich dafür zu beglückwünschen, sich selbst erfolgreich bekämpft zu haben:

„This is not about whether people should love or hate their bodies, or about how people should navigate their own relationships with their bodies. It is about the ways in which society encourages a disconnect from the body, rewards people who ‘control’ their bodies by effectively turning them off and refusing to listen. It is also about a society where certain bodies are considered controlled and others are not, and by extension, people in control are considered virtuous while others are not. Lack of willpower, loss of control, are believed to be negative personality traits which can be read in the body. After all, if someone was in control, the body would be thin and lean and hard and it would conform with a specific beauty ideal. It wouldn’t be soft and fat.“